Benefit from intensive worldwide network to support a global sales structure and associated expansion options.

Providing capital to high growth technologies


Market approven & technology experienced​

ELAS Technology Investment GmbH (ELAS) is a German-based but globally oriented financial investor, with Headquarters in Hamburg in the north of Germany.

ELAS has been created to provide financial agility and infrastructure support for promising entities and organizations in the globally favorable photonic and high-tech industries. German industry’s own record and competences in these technology areas is of course second to none.

ELAS’ founders provide over 20 years of comprehensive experience in nurturing organizations and fostering growth, and have already successfully identified multiple business opportunities in the photonics and supporting sectors. This includes, for example, ficonTEC Service GmbH, the leading supplier of production systems for photonic-enabled device assembly and test, with *the* leading-edge global customers in sectors such as telecom/datacom, LiDAR development and production, satellite communications and more. These projects have additionally included the establishment of the critical elements of a worldwide network to support global business development and expansion.

ELAS actively seeks investment opportunities with start-ups and young companies, regardless of location, in particular those with innovative technologies and disruptive product concepts for which identifiable market potential already exists. But we are also interested in constellations for which, for example, the innovation already exists, but perhaps the vision or experience to satisfactorily identify a pathway forward are missing – the team at ELAS can in these cases perhaps provide both agile investment as well as any incomplete market knowledge needed to complete the business model.

Growing ELAS family


Benefit from decades of experience

Torsten Vahrenkamp - CEO


Torsten holds a Diploma for Applied Laser Technologies from the University of Applied Sciences in Emden, Germany in 1998. During further work at the Institute of Laser Technology in Emden and University of Loughborough, UK, he built a fully automatic laser lithography system for rapid generation of microstructures in submicron dimensions. He also developed a process to generate the world’s first in-glass diffractive optics using ion exchange processes in gradient refractive index glass, and which is still used today for the generation of waveguides in glass.   Torsten is Chief Executive Officer of ficonTEC Service and one of the co-founders of the company. When founding the company in 2001, the goal was to provide automatic and semi-automatic assembly and test solutions for the photonics industry.


T +49 40 309 33 610


Matthias Trinker - CFO


While Matthias orginally hoped to become a professional skier, several injuries in his younger years eventually forced him to realize that he had to look for a new challenge. He started with an apprenticeship in retail sales for a sports equipment supplier, but as a qualified ski instructor, Matthias was also able to work as an instructor in parallel to this, as well as to his scholastic and university education. From there, he progressed on to, and finally graduated from the Bundeshandelksakademie für Berufstätige – a form of further education Business School for those already employed – and then cemented his initial financial education with a Degree in Business Economics through joint studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria, and at the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences in Göttingen, Germany. Between completing his degree in 1997 and before co-founding ficonTEC Service GmbH together with Torsten in 2001, Matthias worked as a financial controller for Siemens Thailand, being based in Bangkok.


T +49 40 309 33 610


Elfriede Schug - CCO


Elfriede’s career began in 1981 with her qualification as a Chef, followed several years later with a Bachelor (with distinction) in Business Economics (Major in Controlling) at the HWP Hamburg. Before starting with ficonTEC in 2013, she gained valuable experience in diverse financial/controlling roles for different organizations. At ficonTEC, her responsibilities grew rapidly, subsequently becoming Head of Controlling in 2014 and CCO/Signatory in 2017.


T +49 40 309 33 610

F +49 4202 511 60 092 elfriede.schug(a)

Anja Zühlsdorf - Authorized Signatory


Anja has been an important part of the organization infrastructure since the vey beginning. With a previous qualification in hotel management, Anja initially joined ficonTEC Service as a receptionist, her areas of responsibility however rapidly expanding together with confidence in her abilities and the brisk growth of the company. Since 2017 Anja has the role of Assistant to the Management, providing support on topics and activities across the board.


T +49 40 309 33 610

F +49 4202 511 60 092 anja.zuehlsdorf(a)


In addition to capital we also provide


Assistance to find the appropriate distributor in certain markets


Network to support a global sales structure and associated expansion


Expertise in high-tech production and automation solutions


Experience in the development of
the business organisation


Worldwide Business Strategics


Identification of business opportunity in photonics assembly & test (ficonTEC Service, 40% average CAGR since 2010).


Identification and acquisition of technological/strategic complementary organizations for a complete eco-system.

Strong Network

Establishment of the critical elements of a worldwide network to support global business development and expansion.



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